Shifting to Manifest My Life

Enjoying the beach

Then shift to intention. Not what I find missing in my life, but to what I absolutely intend to manifest and attract into my life…  The Power of Intention ~ Wayne Dyer

Recently I have been spending time when on what I want in my life now.  What do I want to manifest and attract into my life.  This is a very different concept from what is missing in my life.  To manifest for me is trusting that the universe will bring the best people, places, and things to pull me forward to where I need to be now.  To really be open to everyone I meet, what I see, what I do so I will attract into my life the things that will give me the energy and flow to be part of the bigger dream.

This morning as I was exercising I started taking with a lady that I have seen at the gym for several years.  We started with a conversation around being healthy, so we can have the energy to do all the things we love.  It soon turned into a deeper conversation of having a better life and what that looked like for her.  She started telling me of her dream for her own business and what was stopping her.  It was support and where to start first.  She also had been working setting her intention to find people to support her.  As we talked we agreed to meet next week and put a plan in place to support each other in projects we are both working on.  To me this is the sign I am living my intention and manifesting and attracting into my life the things I need to be totally connected to the universe.

What is hold you back from manifesting and attracting your dreams?  Is it support?  Where do you start?

Taking Back My Lunch Hour

The other day I was reading Oprah’s newsletter about “Take Back Your Lunch”.  The article asks “does your lunch break look more like a picnic or five minutes at your desk while checking email?”

This article started me thinking that mine was the five minutes at my desk answering email, setting appointments, writing articles, etc.  What had happened to my lunch hour when I really did take a brake and spent the time eating a healthy lunch and doing something for me in self care?  When did I buy back into that I needed to do more to reach my goals instead of working from my Inspired Action List?

That afternoon I was meeting a client for work lunch when I decided I was going to try something new today.  We took the time for lunch first talking about things that really mattered to them.  When we started our coaching we did not feel rushed or interrupted by the waiter which made the session go a lot smoother.  As we were finishing our session the client remarked they enjoyed this new experiment of lunch before coaching.

When I returned home I was working on my reflection coaching notes when I discovered I had just modeled new behavior with my client.  I got out my Inspired Action List and added a lunch hour to my goals to make sure I have a lunch hour everyday for myself and not work.

What are you willing to change to have a lunch hour again, just for you?

Bucketful of Wins!

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win – essential to success. ~Napoleon Hill

Is your life full of Bucketful of Wins? If not; why not? Are you playing to win?  Have you lost your joy and inspiration to play each day to win and be successful?  Are you playing alone or do you have a team to be part of the win?

Being an entrepreneur is sometimes lonely. It is very important to reach out and connect with other liked mined people that I can share my vision with so I can have a fresh prospective on where I am today.

I often work with partners who inspire and keeping my vision growing as they have a different way of seeing the future and what my “Bucketful of Wins” could be.

Three steps for a “Bucketful of Wins”.

1.       Find partners or teams players to share your vision and support you when the pieces don’t fit together.

2.       Keep the burning desire alive to win.

3.       Live from your passion each day and watch your winning attitude grow.

What are you willing to do today to grow your wins?

What is Self-Care?

If you want to know what your experiences were like in the past, examine your body now. If you want to know what your body will look like in the future examine your experiences now. – Ancient Proverb

What is self-care any ways?  There are lots of ideas plus writings about the subject.  To me the ones that spoke the most were giving myself the gift of wellness.  In order to do that, I need to exercise daily, eat healthy food (leave the sugar, white flours and fat out of my meals), and take time off to relax / distress, sleep, and be grateful for my body, mind and soul.

Sounds easy enough until I really started thinking about it was really a Life Style Change they were talking about.  Change never comes easy it I try to act to fast or do too many things all at the same time.  This means I need to chunk it down into small pieces, so the changes will stick and will not have to go back and start over again.

For my life today the easy ones are exercise everyday as I like the challenge, relaxing each day, sleep, being grateful for all that I have and get to do each day.  The one I still work on is leaving the sugar alone as I love chocolate and ice cream.  I know where I learned to reward myself with them was from my dear wonderful grandfather.  When I have an attacked and crave sugar I have to look at my life, and then discover what I really need to change now!  That is always eye opening.

What life style change do you need to make to have self-care?

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. – Sophia Loren

Inspired Actions Help Me Achieve My Goals

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.

~ Arnold H. Glasow

Ever since I was small I did not like for others to create how I was going to do the task at hand.  I specially did not like the “to do” list; as these things were never my ideas.  It seemed to me that it was always something that had to be done for someone else or to please someone else.  For many years being given this list really brought out the old pattern in my life; I just don’t want to do it that way.  Why is there not a better way to achieve greater results with some fun and joy?   Not long ago I heard Dwayne Johnson being interviewed on Ellen and he started talking about doing things from “Inspired Actions”.  That was what I need to hear as I now would be able to create a new pattern for me; one of Inspired Actions and no more “to do” list.  It has been amazing how my attitude has changed and I no longer detest the list for it has a new name that inspires me.  As I am creating my inspired action I think of ways I can be creative and put fun and play into.  That was what I needed to become inspired again and be happy and productive.

What do you need to change to be inspired, happy and productive?


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