The Top 10 Tips For Capturing The Tapestry Of Your Life

What does the tapestry of your life look like? Have you ever thought about capturing it in your own self-expression, in pictures, in drawings, in paintings, in a journal or by creating your own memory book just for you? How to start? Be aware each day of all things in your life.

1. Be aware of colors and shapes that you like and fill your soul.

Save these things for your weaving.

2. Be aware of material that you really like for the feel, smell, or special meaning in your life.

Save these pieces to add to your weaving.

3. Be aware of smells that fill your nose and bring deep pleasure to your soul.

Save the oils to scent your weaving.

4. Be aware of people who live in your soul and make you want to shout “this is my friend.”

Save special notes, cards, wrappings or anything that can be added to your weaving.

5. Be aware of the music that fills your ears and makes you want to dance and feel the rhythm of the beat.

Save record covers, CDs, sheet music – anything that will bring this memory alive again when you see it in your weaving.

6. Be aware of the places where you lose your breath for their beauty and they give you that HA feeling.

Save those postcards, pictures, maps, and souvenirs to add to your beautiful weaving.

7. Be aware of the pictures you took that flood your mind with a special meaningful event or trip in your life.

Start adding these to your weaving in your own self-expression, what really pleases you.

8. Be aware of the animals in your life and the messages they bring you.

What are they telling you each day that is important to your weaving? Think of how you can add them to your weaving in creative ways.

9. Be aware of the birds that visit early in the morning and sing you a love song to start your day.

Capture this special message that is yours, so it will be added to the tapestry you are weaving.

10. Be aware of all nature and the seasons and the messages each are giving you.

Save the flowers, leaves or anything else that awakes your soul that is part of this tapestry.

Now start pulling it together and see the beautiful tapestry of your life. Be sure to save it in a special way to pass on as your legacy of your life journey.