Get Your Game On!

What is your strategic objective this summer to grow your business? When your sales people are in front of customers what do you want to accomplish?  Of course, make the sale!

Strategy to make the Sale
What is your strategy to make the sales?

Recently working with several of my clients I asked what was one thing their staff could do to grow their business?  As they stopped to think about this question they discovered they wanted the buyer to be loyal customers.  Further as they thought about this, was that happening and if not, why not?  They became curious about the strategy their staff was using with customers on creating loyal customers.  Were their staff educating the customers to become loyal customers or just going for the one time sale.  They discovered if they were going to have loyal customers they need to build relationships explaining what made their business different and why their products were best for them so they would return time after time.  Showing respect to the customer giving them actual good and useful information not just a sales pitch.

Educating customer is one strategy that can grow your business.  Work with your staff to make sure they have a pitch that prepares them to present your business where ever they are.  It is most important you practice this process with your staff so they are comfortable and well prepared to educate customer as put they put the spot light on your business. This process will build long lasting relationships with customers.

What is your strategy to make the sales?  What do you need to change to educate and have loyal customers?