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I am Nancy E James the Chief Executive Coach of The BayPalm Groupe. Sunshine Coach Connection, Coach Approach to Business, and Coach Approach to Winning are now divisions of The BayPalm Groupe!

As my practice continued to grow over the last four years it became important that I discovered new ways of supporting my clients to live in their passion and their heartfelt desire and win their games. With this in mind, The Bay Palm Groupe was launched in 2007, creating alliance partners to handle all the demands for innovative solutions with experts in their field. We are an organic multi-dimensional group of experts in different areas to strategies with each client, working shoulder to shoulder to co-create their winning game plan.

Some of our innovative solution partners include:

LifeVille – Social Games with purpose!

Our Vision is that EVERYONE everywhere with the courage to play BIGGER in life has a great coach. ~ LifeVille Founder Coach Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

William C. (Bill) Artzberger, CFA – entrepreneur, writer and investor. His expertise includes sales and marketing, investment management, investor relations and operations.

Suzanne Burton – Webmaster specializing in the WordPress platform. She built this website. She makes websites for everyone except herself. Contact Nancy James for details on Web Design for Business Coaching.

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