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Win Your Game With Professional Coaching

“Living your dreams will put you in motion, and you’ll gain the spirit of joyful play.”
~ Nancy E. James, ICF-PCC

Why Coach?

"Coaching is a vital tool for any business or professional." ~ B.L.

Nancy Coaches Executives, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals to Design their Wins (using Value Driven Strategies and Goals in the Workplace).


Coach Nancy genuinely cares about her coachees and she helps break past the barrier of a 1-hour meeting to make sure her clients succeed.


Nancy will never question what you do, but only coaches on how to get it done. This is important in times when you're ready to give up or when others doubt you.


Roadblocks melt away while you and Nancy brainstorm new ideas, new ways to evaluate decisions, and how to deal with daily issues and negative confrontations.


A coach/client relationship is a partnership for your success. Nancy genuinely cares about each of her clients and takes her training very seriously. When you win, Coach Nancy wins too!

"Inspiring you and your business to play BIG from your strengths and core needs."

~ Nancy E James, ICF-PCC

Coaching is for

  • Someone who is looking to start a new venture
  • Someone who is looking to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers and leaders
  • Someone who has tried something and not sure if it's working

"Inspiring you to get in the game and play for winning results."

~ Nancy E James, ICF-PCC

Design Thinking

Coaching is the secret key to winning big in the shortest time possible

Nancy E James, ICF-PCC, is a coach who will graciously listen beneath your words and thoughts to get to the heart of your hopes and dreams. She coaches by utilizing her uncanny intuition when you are frustrated or stuck and will help you improve your life on SO many levels.

Coach Nancy asks great questions that help change your perspective and get you to understand how to work from your strengths, create inspired action plans, design your wins and achieve your goals. She is your “secret weapon” who will help you become aware of and change your outward behaviors, so you will become a stronger leader or win at any game you want to play in Life.

Go get your best life!!
Sylvia Moore, ICF-PCC

Does having Coach Nancy by your side as a partner in your success sound intriguing? If so, get to know more about her.

Meet Coach Nancy

Time To Grow Your Business

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

~ Benjamin Franklin

Why Your Core Needs?

What if you could click a button and discover the things you need everyday so you can play at the top of your game? What would they be?

You could ask Coach Nancy, “How would I benefit from having a coach to work with me to be crystal clear on what my needs are and how to use them?”

Schedule a Core Needs session and learn firsthand what a professional certified coach could do for you and your business.

During this complimentary one (1) hour session you will explore your core needs and how to use them to play in your strengths. You will find new ideas to give you more energy, joy and move you forward in your business and life.

Remember, don't stand there—get in the game; get your core needs so you can play big!

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