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When you are looking for inspiration and wanting to understand the Why, How, and What of your life reading Lance Secretan’s books, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch, and Inspire will give you great insight into your life. Understanding your Why-Be-Bo will help you become an inspired leader.

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Here is Nancy’s Why-Be-Do, and How She Lives Her Leadership

  • Destiny (WHY I am here): To help create a more loving, peaceful and caring planet.
  • Character (How I will BE and what I will stand for):
    • (Personal): To inspire other to heal and live in their greatness.
    • (Corporate): To change the world by nurturing spirit and values in the workplace.
  • Calling (What I will DO): To lead and serve through my teaching, writing, mentoring, training, and coaching.

Nancy is on the Higher Ground Leadership® CoachVille Coaches. She is completely grounded in both the philosophy and methodology of Higher Ground Leadership® as well as formal coach training and certification.

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